HMD Global Introduces the Nokia 220 4G and Nokia 105 (2019)

Nokia 220 4G
Nokia 220 4G

HMD Global has launched two new smartphones, the Nokia 220 4G and the Nokia 105 (2019). Both are featured phones, but as the name suggests the new Nokia 220 is a 4G handset, while the Nokia 105 (2019) is the fourth edition of the popular model Nokia 105.

It’s equipped with a color display and a powerful battery for endless conversations. The phone does not have major technical upgradations, but its appearance has been slightly refined with, for example, more angular buttons.

“Sales of featured phones have grown quarter by quarter over the past year. According to our assessment, this trend will continue in the future, since modern keypad devices offer a lot of opportunities. Nokia 105 (2019), made with the traditional quality of Nokia, retained the familiar design but got more features than its predecessors. The Nokia 220 4G in a compact case opens up to the fans of the brand all the possibilities of 4G networks ¬ LTE – excellent voice quality, Internet access, and social networks.

Juho Sarvikas, Cheif Product Officer for HMD Global

Nokia 220 4G Technical Specifications

As mentioned earlier, the Nokia 220 4G is a featured phone that operates on 4G LTE networks and supports high-definition calling. The phone has a 2.4-inch QVGA color display and a non-slip polycarbonate case.

The basic functions including an alarm clock, timer, adjustable volume, and brightness – are complemented by the ability to fully use the Internet and communicate in social networks. FM radio is also available which works even without headphones thanks to the built-in antenna.

In addition, the Nokia 220 4G comes pre-installed with the classic game “Snake”, as well as trial versions of the games Ninja Up, Sky Gift, Nitro Racing and Tetris. A decent 1200 mAh battery will help the device owner to always be in touch.

Nokia 105 (2019) Technical Specifications

Nokia 105 (2019)
Nokia 105 (2019)

The Nokia 105 (2019) has a 1.77-inch color display, a modern design, and a simple user-friendly menu. Reliable case, made with the traditional quality of Nokia, will retain its appearance during operation – polycarbonate is able to withstand shocks and falls.

The device’s memory is designed for 2,000 contacts and 500 SMS and using the embossed keys, it is convenient to dial phone numbers and messages. The removable battery has a capacity of 800 mAh.

The phone has a flashlight that turns on by double pressing a button. FM radio and six pre-installed Gameloft trial versions – Tetris, Sky Gift, Airstrike, Nitro Racing, Ninja UP! and Danger Dash will not get bored.

Nokia 220 4G and Nokia 105 (2019) Price and Availability

The Nokia 220 4G will be available in Blue and Black color options starting mid-August at 39 Euros, while the Nokia 105 (2019) will be available in Black, Blue, and Pink colors starting at 13 Euros.


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