Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pops-up on the Geekbench With Exynos 9825

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Image: Roland Quandt

As we approaching the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, more rumors and leaks about the device appearing on the web. Recently, we showed some of the possible prices that Samsung can charge for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

Now the Geekbench benchmark platform ended up publishing in its database another test performed with the Galaxy Note 10. The device has an Exynos 9825 processor and 8GB of RAM, but unlike the previous test, it now loads the numbering SM-970F.

For those who do not remember, the Galaxy Note 10 has already passed the same test last month with the numbering SM-N976B. When we compared the results, the SM-970F achieved a higher score and this indicates that Samsung has made new improvements to the device software.

Check out the screenshot of the Geekbench for SM-970F

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on Geekbench
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on Geekbench

The SM-970F model achieved a score of 4,495 in single-core and 10,223 in multi-core, the previous test showed that the SM-N976B variant guaranteed only 3,557 in the single-core and 9654 in the multi-core. This indicates a considerable evolution in software optimization.

However, the device with Snapdragon did better in multi-core. Of course, the test with the device that owns Snapdragon was made last month and Samsung probably must have improved the software of the device. With this, we can say that if it were tested today, this device could register better numbers.

It is worth noting that the launch of the new Galaxy Note 10 is scheduled for August 7. As we know, Samsung can announce up to four handsets: Note 10, Note 10 5G, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Plus 5G.


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