Tutanota Launches Free Encrypted Calendar

Tutanota Launches Free Encrypted Calendar

Secure email service Tutanota just launched a fully encrypted calendar. This new tool brings amazing privacy improvements to people’s daily lives as they can now securely store all their appointments.


  • end-to-end encryption of all data
  • accessible on every device
  • end-to-end encrypted notifications

“With our encryption expertise, we have not only made sure that all data people enter is encrypted, but we are also encrypting the notifications for upcoming events. In contrast to other calendar services (e.g. Google), we do not know when, where, and with whom people have an appointment. Basically, we as the provider remain completely blind to people’s daily habits”, says Matthias Pfau, co-founder, and developer of Tutanota.

This makes Tutanota’s end-to-end encrypted calendar the only cloud calendar where only the users can access their personal information and no one can abuse their data.

“The Tutanota Calendar is a huge step for us to accomplish our vision of the future internet where cloud services must not be able to abuse their users’ data. Encrypted email, encrypted address book, the recently launched encrypted contact form Secure Connect – and now an encrypted calendar: With Tutanota’s built-in end-to-end encryption using the cloud becomes as secure as hosting your data locally”, adds Pfau.


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