Google Play Pass: Google Tests Another Service for the Play Store

Google Play Pass

It’d been already discussed earlier when we had found evidence within the Play Store and now it appears that Google has begun the first tests. We are talking about Google Play Pass. Currently, it’s being tested by a small group of users in the USA.

It is, according to the screenshots (spotted by Android Police) you see in the gallery below, a subscription service, which should cost $ 4.99 a month, even if the price could change at the official launch.

Google Play Pass offers a catalog of games and application with no advertisements, in-app purchases, and purchase costs. From the screenshots some titles are visible, but at the moment it is not possible to have a complete list of the titles included.

It will, therefore, be interesting to understand which and how many games and applications are accessible with the subscription and what the final price will be. Obviously, the new service will be useful for those users who regularly buy from the Play Store, while for occasional buyers it could be counterproductive.


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