Spring Hill (Nervana NNP-I) is Intel’s First 10nm Ice Lake-Based AI Chip

Intel Nervana
Image: Intel

Intel has unveiled its first artificial intelligence chip known as Nervana NNP-I or Springhill. The chip is based on a 10 nanometer Ice Lake processor and is developed in Haifa, Israel after investing in local startups such as Habana Labs and NeuroBlade.

Based on a processor with 10nm Ice Lake architecture, the new hardware is designed for large computing centers. It also has the ability to handle high energy efficient workloads. According to Intel AI General Manager Naveen Rao, the company’s goal is to reach a time when Artificial Intelligence can be found everywhere.

“To get to a future state of ‘AI everywhere,’ we’ll need to address the crush of data being generated and ensure enterprises are empowered to make efficient use of their data, processing it where it’s collected when it makes sense and making smarter use of their upstream resources. Data centers and the cloud need to have access to performant and scalable general-purpose computing and specialized acceleration for complex AI applications. In this future vision of AI everywhere, a holistic approach is needed—from hardware to software to applications.”

–Naveen Rao, Intel vice president, and general manager, Artificial Intelligence Products Group

For now, only Facebook has confirmed that it has started using the product on its machines. Another utility will be to assist Intel Xeon processors with more complex AI tasks.

Remember that since May, Intel has been working on optical neural networking to provide more efficiency to Artificial Intelligence.


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