Apple Releases watchOS 6 Golden Master for Developers

watchOS 6

Apple has just decided to release the GM (Golden Master) version of watchOS 6 to its registered developers for Apple Watch. The Golden Master version is usually the last release before the final release where most often it ends up being the final version itself unless some relevant bug needs to be fixed in the last minute.

It’ll start rolling out to all compatible Apple Watch models within a few days, specifically September 19. For the first time in the Apple smartwatch, we will also have an App Store, which should further expand the user experience.

The sixth version of the watch brings a number of new features, with a special focus on health, including native menstrual cycle tracking applications, environmental noise level control, and other long-awaited apps already on Apple’s other platforms, such as Audiobooks, Calculator and more.

Another major highlight in watchOS 6 is a new way to track how physically active you are with the Activity Trends feature. Unfortunately, this new update will not reach all Apple smartwatches and is only released for the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 (in addition to the recently announced Apple Watch Series 5).

We still don’t know if the older models of the watch will be updated later – it seems Apple may miss them.


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