Apple Watch Series 5 Arrives With Always-On Retina Display and Focus on Health

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5 (Image: Apple)

In the iPhone 11 series launch event held on Tuesday afternoon (September 10), Apple announced its new smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 5, with the new version of its operating system, watchOS 6. The accessory still comes in two models and size of 44 mm.

The new smartwatch comes with Always-On Display function, to have your dashboard always on, and promises battery for the whole day. The accessory also has the Compass feature, focused on location, with right latitude and longitude information on the screen. Check out the details:


The new variant of Apple smartwatch doesn’t change much from its predecessor when it comes to design. The highlights are its construction in 100% recyclable aluminum and the existence of titanium and ceramic finishes.

The company’s intention is to reinforce the luxury watch image in this year’s models of the Apple Watch line. This is because both finishes were never used in previous versions. In addition, it retains the size of 44mm in major editions – with the option of 40mm more geared towards the Herm├Ęs Paris sub-brand.

Focus on Health

Apple has turned its focus to health with the use of its smartwatch. There are three new resources for company studies. The first is the Apple Hearing Study, which allows – among other functions – to identify ambient noise; Apple Women’s Health Study, on the other hand, allows women to track their menstrual cycle; Lastly, the Apple Heart & Movement Study analyzes heart rate during walking.

Like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 5 maintains the presence of the electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor only by placing your finger on the Digital Crown. The Cupertino tech giant has deployed even more health resources.

What’s new is the ability to track sleep and the function that allows you to measure blood pressure. In addition, the smartwatch remains with the tool that contacts emergency services if it detects that the user has fallen and has been motionless for more than a minute after the fall.

The Apple Watch Series 5 makes it possible to enter an emergency number, which can be triggered only by pressing the side button. This way, you no longer need an iPhone to make the call.

Other Features

Other features of the new Apple Watch include the ability to leave the wearable display always on. Apple aims to make key information visible at any viewing angle thanks to the new low-temperature display and low power driver.

With the Compass feature, the smartwatch gets a built-in compass to allow users to travel while using navigation applications without relying on an iPhone. The tool also makes it possible to have the latitude and longitude data of the place where you are, besides the indication of the cardinal points.

In addition, Apple points out that the device’s battery will allow its use throughout the day.


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