Motorola Reportedly Working on a High-Priced 5G Phone

Motorola P30

Following the launch of the Motorola One Zoom, a company representative commented on the brand’s next steps in the global smartphone market. According to Francoise LaFlamme, the company’s marketing manager, the era of mid-range under $500 is nearing an end. This is because Motorola already working on an expensive flagship phone.

This premium flagship will reach the market with 5G connection bearing higher price. When asked about the amount charged for the device, the executive declined to go into detail. Even so, he got right to the point:

“If you put out a $399 5G phone, you’re going to have to sacrifice a lot of the elements that people value.”


Although it does not have a set price range, when we consider other phones that have 5G connection, we see that the new handset from Motorola will not be cheap. That’s because the Galaxy A90 5G was announced at $ 800 (~ $3,275) and the OnePlusĀ 7 Pro 5G is a bit more expensive: $ 840 (~ $3,440).

Taking into consideration the US market, the Motorola Moto G7 costs only $450, One Zoom hit the shelves for $500 and the Moto Z3 has a starting price of $ 480. (~ $1,965), but you need a $350 Moto Mod (~ $1,432) to access the 5G.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised if Motorola announces its $500 5G handset. “But why this move to high-end 5G phones?” The explanation is simple. Motorola’s parent Lenovo has finally made a profit from its smartphone division.

After concentrating in key markets (Brazil, USA, Mexico, UK), Motorola now wants to focus on expansion. Thus, the launch of a “truly high-end” handset is the first step towards reaching a new range of consumers. In addition, in the age of 5G and folding phones, maintaining a cost-effective 4G strategy can be a new problem in the long run.


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