TripPlanner Releases a New App With Features Like Automatic Routes, Interactive Maps and More

TripPlanner App

TripPlanner makes your trips and travels planning easy by helping you create, store and manage the locations you want to go. With TripPlanner you set a starting location and all points of interest you want to see and the app recommends a route based on the shortest distance.

Four features make it easy to plan your next trip:

  • Automatic routes
  • Interactive maps
  • Create notes
  • Shareable plans

Are you going on vacation and want to see many sights? Rajasthan in 5 days? Multiple locations in a TripPlan are automatically arranged to give you the most efficient way to visit them all. We will connect you to google maps to deliver turn by turn navigation based on the routes entries.

Once you visited a place, you can mark it as complete and it will no longer be included in the route. Plans inside TripPlanner are equipped with a map view that help you visualize different stops in your schedule and see your locations.

Travelling in a group? You can write your notes on each location inside a TripPlan and then share the plan with your friends.

“By using TripPlanner you will reach your destinations faster with less hassle and more time to spend with things that matter to you. You can use our ready-made itineraries too. Soon we will be designing travel routes for you that we publish on our blog. With the itinerary app code provided, you can follow our footsteps.”

Nithin Mathew – Founder

He adds that researchers from the Erasmus University Rotterdam found out that planning your trip increases your happiness already before going on vacation.

Within a year TripPlanner is going to implement additional features such as suggesting attractions on your route and collaborative travel planning. Stay tuned for more updates.

TripPlanner is the first of three apps by TRA Leisure Services Private Limited that will be released this year. The Kerala based company dedicates its work to making traveling exciting, inspiring and hassle-free.

Right now, only the Android app is available, the iOS app is currently under development. You can download the app from the Google Play Store.


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