Amazon Announces New Kindle Kids Edition, Fire HD 10 Kids, and More

Kindle Kids Edition
New Kindle Kids Edition (Photo: Business Wire)

Earlier we saw here that Amazon had officially introduced to the market its new generation of Fire HD 10 tablets, bringing as main highlights the improvement in embedded hardware, good battery life and the maintenance of Alexa as an official embedded personal assistant.

The company also brought a series of Kindle for kids, including the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition, and Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids. Check out in detail each of the products and services announced focusing on children.

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

The first thing we will see here is the Kindle Kids Edition, protective case book reader, 2-year warranty with immediate replacement and all features already known in the traditional version. In a nutshell, this is basically the 10th generation Kindle recently introduced, however, with child-focused implementations such as making progression-related achievements available, vocabulary builder (which gathers query words for display at the end of reading to review) and wallpapers designed for kids.

“Kindle Kids Edition makes reading fun with achievement badges to help motivate readers to complete the next chapter, plus features like Word Wise and Vocabulary Builder are designed to help early readers build their reading and comprehension skills. With unlimited access to over a thousand new and popular books in FreeTime Unlimited, kids can easily find books to match their interests and can bring a library of books with them wherever they go—all on a single, lightweight device.”

Kurt Beidler, Director of Kids and Family, Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids

Another new device presented by Amazon is the Fire HD 10 Kids, tablet identical to the one introduced earlier by the company but with a special cover focused on providing more security and resistance to the device, as well as providing support to keep it standing and allow the multimedia consumption.

Like Kindle Kids, Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids features child-directed customizations, with a special focus on books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, apps, and games for kids ages 3-12.

Parental Control

One thing that may worry some parents is what exactly their child is doing when using their electronic devices, and in this sense, both Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids and Amazon Kindle Kids Edition offer parental control functionality, with occasional differences depending on device.

In general, the e-reader control provides information related to reading progress for each title consumed, displaying reading time individually. On the tablet, control is expanded, allowing you to limit screen time, educational goals, and the need for parental approval for purchases.

FreeTime / FreeTime Unlimited

The company also revealed the expansion of the FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited service, which will also be available for Echo and Fire TV Stick accessories, in addition to already supported devices.

With this, the little ones will be able to access thousands of movies and TV shows through the selected devices, as well as allow them to interact through Alexa with the Echo Show and more.

An interesting aspect here is that Amazon also made a point of mentioning that the FreeTime Unlimited service is not limited to the English language, with thousands of books and manual curated Spanish books, videos, apps, games and audible books in its catalog. Popular characters, titles, and brands include Sesame, Dora, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.


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