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The Google Camera app is the among the mosy loved app of many users. Although available on the Play Store, it is only officially compatible with Pixel smartphones, which focus on photography. The dream of using it, however, does not die because of this, several independent developers can port the app to other devices in the industry.

We have there the “Gcam phenomenon“. Therefore, all the news involving this powerful search giant software usually anticipates news with great chances of being carried in the future. Now Google Camera app version 7.1 is being distributed, and with it there are some new features in the interface, in terms of features, and even some hidden in the source code.

The first of these is the rewamped camera interface, with the top menus now housed in a bar that is initially hidden. Thus, the user gets more screen to preview their photographs. Also, in this new top menu you can click a virtual button to quickly switch between 4:3 aspect ratio of photos to 16:9 and vice versa.

In the gallery, it’s now easier to share images on social networks directly through Google Camera’s Social Share. Clicking on it already shows some apps, which can be configured, and then opens the interface chosen for posting.

social share feature in Google Camera 7.1

One hidden feature is that Gcam will be able to share deep information with some apps. Thus, rather than delivering the photograph to be posted, it will be possible to bring image depth information, for example, for more robust editing.

For those who like a perfectly aligned photograph, the good news is that the level feature arrives with the update. To turn it on, you need to use the phone horizontally, tap to choose focus, and then wait three seconds for the interface to display a ruler.

Astrophotography mode in Google Camera
Astrophotography mode in Google Camera

Finally, the Astrophotography mode that had been leaked with other information from Pixel 4. With it you can use a pixel on a tripod or supported on a surface for night sky captures. The smartphone can take up to a full minute for high exposure to allow a good search for stars in the sky.


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