Image of the Supposed Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Reveals Thin-Edged Display

Concept image for illustration only

With leaks about the Mi Mix 4 announcement date suggesting for release alongside the revamped Mi Note line on October 24, next Thursday, a photo that appears to reveal the alleged flagship of the groundbreaking family Mix appears on the internet displaying what could be the front panel of the device.

Below you can check out the image that sources claim is the screen of Mi Mix 4, and if that is true then Xiaomi would be preparing to present a device with extremely thin edges to rival the Galaxy Note 10, but without any notch in the display.

The photo suggests that, in addition to the lack of notch and the presence of extremely thin edges, the device would also feature a 3D cut glass similar to what competitors such as Samsung, Oppo, and Huawei adopt in their flagships. This is one of the first Xiaomi smartphones to adopt a curved screen format on the sides.

It’s obvious to note that the lack of the notch presents one of the main questions about the Xiaomi flagship: Should the company adopt a pop-up camera system like the Mi 9T, or should the company implement the amazing camera technology under the display? It will be necessary to wait a little longer until we can be assured of something else.

As a high-performance device, Xiaomi is expected to introduce the Mi Mix 4 with a triple or quad camera setup, including a 108 MP main sensor ( by rumors ), a 5G-equipped Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and a powerful charging system, at least 45W fast.

As said, the information is still scarce and there is not much consistency between the leaks except the details of the paragraph above, but with the announcement scheduled for October 24, we may have news very soon.


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