Bixby Vision

Samsung has just announced news for Bixby, its virtual assistant, that in the next few days it’s going to offer improvements in artificial intelligence and several new features for Bixby Vision functionality in augmented reality. These features will be available initially on the Galaxy Note 10.

Among the four main highlights, we have the integration of Bixby Vision for home decoration. Made in partnership with Wayfair store, Samsung will allow users to view different colors for the rooms and include virtual reality furniture to imagine what the space might look like without worry. Just adjust the color, the position of the furniture and you’re done!

Also new for live translation using the camera: “In Text Mode, Bixby Vision can capture multiple lines of text and translate them into augmented reality – without taking a picture.”

The third new feature is for purchases in the style category. Users will be able to open the Styling application and view the result of the augmented reality glasses on their own face, as shown below in an example made with glasses. If you are interested, simply purchase the eyewear model promptly.

And we also have the Picture Play feature, which will allow filmmakers to create animated and interactive posters so that when users point to a poster or any other advertisement they can get information about the cast, reviews, and synopsis of the movie.

Samsung has confirmed that Bixby news is coming to the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, but no dates have been revealed when we will see such differentials on other smartphones of the company. We hope it doesn’t take long.


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