Spotify Kids App is Specifically Designed for Kids and Families

Spotify Kids app

After registering more than expected growth, Spotify announced, a new application aimed at children and families. The Spotify Kids app should make little ones have access to “safe” music while at the same time taking Discovery’s “Baby Shark” away from their parents.

According to the streaming service, Ireland will be the first country to receive the new app, and it must be curated to prevent explicit tracks from being shown to minors. The entire selection process will be done by Spotify publishers and content will be categorized by age range :

  • Younger children – children’s music and soundtracks (Disney, dinosaur songs, spotted chicken and more)
  • Older Children – Songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars

“Spotify is committed to bringing audio content such as music and stories to more people in more ways–including the next generation of listeners. That’s why we decided to launch a fun standalone app designed with safety in mind specifically for kids and families.”

– Spotify

Curating the content will also be based on the most popular songs by region. For now, Spotify classifies the new app as a beta version and will not be available yet for all markets, as said earlier it’ll be available starting Ireland. The company bets on playful design and ensures that children’s data will not be collected or shared with any other company. Parents also have the option to delete information about the little ones at any time.

In addition, navigation should be done using only playlists that are available on the home screen. According to Spotify, the Kids version available exclusively for Premium Family subscribers and intended for kids ages 3+.


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