How To Delete All Messages From Facebook In One Click

Today many people want to delete their Facebook messages in one click but we all know that Facebook platform does not offer any kind of tool or feature to delete all the messages in one click or delete by mark option is also not available on Facebook.

So, in this tutorial today I am gonna show that How To Delete All Messages From Facebook In One Click? Or How we can delete our facebook messages by marking them?

Here is a Google Chrome extension available to use and delete your old messages in one click or you can delete your messages by marking them. How you can use this extension? Just follow these simple steps provided below to use this extension.


  1. First of all, you have to download the extension from the given link.
  2. Login to your Facebook account that you want to delete all the messages.
  3. Now navigate to the message chat option.
  4. Click on the message option button and click on See all in Messenger.

5. When all the messages showed up click on the extension icon right top corner of Chrome it will analyze your messages and will show two options Delete All Messages or Choose & Delete.

6. Now it’s your turn to choose an option from the extension and delete messages by your own choice.

Caution– Once messages are deleted can not be retrieved.


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