How to Unroot your Android Device or Tablet, UnRoot your Rooted Phone

How to Unroot your Android phone or Tablet-UnRoot your Rooted Phone 2 Best Ways

Hello friends, today almost everyone owns an Android phone and in many cases, there is a problem in the phone that the phone has to be rooted and everyone knows this and if anyone knows how to not root the phone then our old post Can see whose link here how to Root Android phone, how to Root the phone

But the problem is that how to unroot the rooted phone because the phone is unrooted because it keeps the phone’s warranty and the phone can also be dead from Root, so to avoid it getting dead, it should be unrooted If done, friends will tell you two best ways in which you can easily unroot your phone.

1st Method: ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an app or useful tool that almost all Android users need and almost all users will know about it because it is very much needed inside Android phones. Because if you keep an Android phone then it can be needed anytime and with this help, you can unroot your phone with the help of your file manager. If it is easy, then see how you can unroot your phone, just follow the steps given below.

1 First, you open ES File Explorer on your phone and if it is not on your phone then download it as it will need it.

2. After that, you will see a menu option inside it and inside it, there will be a lot of options, go to the section with Row Vise To Simple Tools and you will get the option of Root Explorer on it.

  1. After the option of Root Explorer is turned on, if the Explorer asks for the permission of Root, then grant a simple grant and also allow the permission to access it.
  2. Now you go to your phone memory, that is, go to Device memory, and after going to phone memory, you go inside the folder containing System.
  3. After opening the folder of the system, a bin folder will be found inside it and after opening the folder of a bin, two files will be found in it, one will delete both these files as Busybox and another Su.

Note: (If you do not find the folder of a bin in the system many times, then you will get an Xbin from the system and delete Busybox and Su’s file from the other side)

  1. When you delete both these files, then you come back to the folder of the system and there you will find the folder of Apps, when you go inside it, you will find the file of Superuser.Apk and delete it.
  2. Now restart your phone and your phone will be unrooted.

2nd Method: SuperSU App

SuperSU App

This is also a good way to unroot a rooted phone. This method is a very easy way, in this way you do not need to have much technical knowledge and no custom recovery has to be installed in it and you can take some steps given below. Follow and see if your phone will be Unroot.

  1. First of all, Download the SuperSu app in your phone.

2. After installing the app, open it and after going to its settings click on Full Unroot.

  1. After this, you click on Continue to Confirm.
  2. After continuing, the process of Unroot will start and it will take some time and after some time it will automatically stop.
  3. After that, you restart your phone and your phone will get Unroot and after that, you uninstall that app.


So friends, if you tell me two ways to unroot the phone, then friends, before using these methods, you must make a backup of your phone’s data and friends will take you this information in a comment and do not forget to share.



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