Samsung Galaxy Smartphones A11, A31 & A41 Incoming With Storage up to 128GB

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy smartphones under A-series was aimed towards expansion and it’s the result that there are almost 9 devices in the series. Most of them are mid-range handsets which have helped Samsung in the global smartphone market. Now reports/leaks are coming that have already started the development of handsets that will be launched in 2020.¬†Shared by serial tipster Ishan Agarwal on Twitter.

There is a total of three models under the Samsung Galaxy A smartphones incoming, the Galaxy A11, A31, and A41. They come with model numbers SM-A115X, SM-A315X, and SM-A415X, respectively. However, little information about the devices is available.

Even so, it appears that the 2020 Galaxy A family will be announced with more internal storage. Thus, the cheaper models should come with 64 GB, while the mid-range Galaxy A31 upwards might hit the market with 128 GB in the standard variant.

In addition, Samsung should also make minor visual changes to differentiate the handsets of 2020 from models released this year. However, as might be expected, the South Korean company has not yet officially commented on the matter.

We, therefore, recommend that you consider everything to be just another market rumor. Anyway, the first member of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones under A line of 2020 will be announced later this year. That’s because rumors point out that the Galaxy A51 should be presented in December.


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