Xbox Play Anywhere Program Will Be Compatible With the Xbox Scarlett Project

Xbox Scarlett
Xbox Scarlett (Image: Xbox)

Microsoft will continue the compatibility of games purchased with the Xbox Play Anywhere label with the arrival of the next-generation console, currently called the Xbox Scarlett (code name). The program has a very simple feature, if you buy a game on your console that is branded Xbox Play Anywhere, you can also play it on your computer.

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The same thing happens if you buy it from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10, the title can also be played on Xbox. The information was given during an interview by Phil Spencer for Stevivor. The site questioned Microsoft’s Xbox division leader whether games such as Halo, Infinite (which is confirmed for Windows 10, Xbox One and also Xbox Scarlett) could be included in the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

“That’s our goal,” Spencer said. “Our goal for our first-party games is that your entitlements will be cross-generation and your Achievements will move effectively with your save game because that’s where they stand.”

“[Xbox] 360 to One shouldn’t have been [two self-contained silos] either,” he added further. “We talked about how important digital was going to be this generation, and yet we didn’t move the digital purchases that you’d made on 360 seamlessly over to Xbox One. I always thought that was a miss.”

The next generation of Microsoft consoles will have big differentials against competitors. So far Microsoft has confirmed that, in addition to Play Anywhere, extremely popular programs such as backward compatibility with older consoles, the excellent Xbox Game Pass, Games with Gold and xCloud cloud games will be supported by Scarlett.

Microsoft is expected to introduce the new ninth-generation Xbox console during the second half of 2020, with international sales starting in December in preparation for Christmas.


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