Dark Mode for Facebook App Now Rolling Out

dark mode in Fcaebook

We know for a few months that the Dark Mode for Facebook application is in the works. Now it seems, finally the dark mode moving towards the public rollout for all the users. Although slowly and in a controlled way, the dark mode rollout for the Facebook app started today and is slowly reaching compatible smartphones and therefore within a few weeks, or months, it will be available to everyone.

The design of the Facebook application with the Dark Mode applied is decidedly coherent and properly done and this makes everything pleasant and harmonious and this shows that great design work has been done.

To get the Dark Mode for Facebook application, you need to have the latest version installed from the Google Play Store. A smartphone with the System-level native Dark Mode activated and wait for Facebook to decide to release it remotely through activation from the server.

Right now there is no way to force it and the only way to get it is to wait for your turn to arrive during the rollout, which is proceeding slowly and in a controlled way.


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