How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online

how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog?

Blogging is one of the best ways to express your thoughts and knowledge out to the world. Ever thought about sharing your life’s story? What about teaching people how to communicate better? Does your business have a product that you would like to teach consumers about? If you answered yes to any of these, starting a blog is the answer for you.

This step by step guide will teach you how to start a blog without making typical beginner mistakes. Save time, money, and energy with these tips from a professional blogger. Having a great SEO strategy before even creating the website is crucial for getting the most out of your investment.

Read this comprehensive SEO strategy guide on OutreachMama’s website. By the end of this guide, you will have all the knowledge you need to create a successful WordPress blog today.

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Step 1: Choose a domain name for your blog

When picking a domain name for your blog, it is better to select a name with intent. Think about the type and the quality of information you’re going to provide to readers. Imagine you are looking to make an authoritative site about the best blogging tips. You look up the domain options with the term “best tips” and see it’s available so you buy it. You will likely regret that decision.

If you enter “best tips” on Google, you will find that most of the results are about sports betting. This will not serve the intent of your blog. A better option is to choose a name that includes a niche term like “blogging expert”. You could also choose a more general term such as “expert tips” since its searches cover many topics.

Make sure your name matches the content you are blogging about. So if you are providing your audience with factual knowledge, pick a name that is professional and exudes confidence. One way to find a name is to use a name generator. Write down 10 to 20 possibilities.

Just remember the name is the identity of your blog and it tells readers how to interact with your site. There is no right or wrong way of choosing a domain name, but you must select a name that resonates with your blog. Don’t overthink this process. Think about a name that you will feel great about in the future and will match your blogging tone.

Step 2: Select the Best Web Hosting Service

To make your website accessible to everyone on the Internet, you need a web hosting service. There are several hosting companies out there, but our job is to help you choose the best ones to start your blog.

The best web hosting services are Hostgator, WP Engine, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and SiteGround. Any of these can do the job of storing your website files on servers that connect your blog to the internet. However, they all have unique features that may be a better fit based on the size and needs of your blog. To make things simple, we will compare the pricing and features of each of these web hosting services.

We always recommend choosing a plan that includes “unlimited websites”. It gives you the flexibility you need to add and change websites without starting all over.

Step 3: Install WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

Now you have web hosting, you need to connect WordPress. Connecting them is very easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort from your end. In most cases, the hosting platform will guide you through the process step by step.

WordPress will be in the CMS (Content Management System) & Site builder section of your hosting provider’s website. Most of the providers we recommended have a one-click install option for WordPress. You can view step-by-step video instructions on how to install WordPress by skipping to the 10:34 mark.

Step 4: Choose a Blog Design

Having an excellent design for your blog is crucial to the success of a blog. In the video, one of Cathrin’s pro blogging tips is to hire a website designer. The main reason is that she made so many mistakes and wasted so much time trying to figure out how to design her blog. But you do not have to make those mistakes, nor do you need to hire a professional web designer.

You can build a functional blog that stands out from your competitors by purchasing a theme. We wrote an entire article about how web design is outdated and using a WordPress theme instead.

A high-quality theme is professionally designed to not only look great but also for SEO. Their designs offer great performance, speed, and functionality to increase your blog’s traffic. Many beginners design blogs based on an idea in their heads. But these designs will hinder your goals because you are a blogger, not a web designer. Let the professionals focus on the designing and you focus on the content.

Step 5: Find your Why

If you really want to know how to start a blog, you better find your “WHY”. In fact, the author Simon Sinek wrote a great book entitled “Start with Why” for leaders, it is a must-read. It is your reason for deciding to start a blog in the first place and it will be the driving force behind your success. Maybe you think you know what type of content you want to make for your readers, but do you know why?

For instance, let’s assume you are looking to start a blog that is going to be the go-to blog for fitness enthusiasts. You will need to figure out why you are making a blog about fitness. Is it to help people lose weight? Is it to gain notoriety as a thought leader in the fitness world?

Or is it because you have helped a few friends become healthier, it felt good, and now want to do the same for blog readers? You must understand your mission and why you are blogging, only then will you be able to add value to your readers.

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Step 6: Choose a Blogging Content Strategy

You can’t add value to your readers if you are not creating good content. If you are going to avoid novice mistakes, you need to know what types of content you will be blogging about. After you figure out your “why”, think about the type of content needed to achieve that goal. You can also study other blogs that are similar to yours and figure out how they are writing their content. There is nothing wrong with modelling success.

Look at their content and then create your own unique version. Study their keywords, SEO techniques, target audience, and blog titles/headlines. Do plenty of research to figure out what type of content you need to start a blog as successful as possible. The time you spend on this strategy will be invaluable later.

It is better to take the time to write one high-quality piece of content a week than seven low-quality posts a week. Blogging is not about quantity; it’s about quality. This is how you start a blog with content that matters to your readers.

Blogging is one of the best ways to reach people online. Put these tips to use and you will see the benefits of using the wisdom of those that have gone before you. Make sure you don’t waste any more time and start a blog on WordPress today! You have the tools to get started, but using them is in your hands.


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