Patent Reveals Xperia Smartphone With Pop-Up Camera/Speaker

Xperia Smartphone With Pop-Up Camera or Speaker

In recent years, we’ve seen many new designs to accommodate the front camera in smartphones such as pop-up, slider, and punch-hole display. Almost all major OEMs have used these solutions, but Sony is still away from these fro its Xperia smartphones.

However, things now going to change and Xperia fans must see the Xperia phone coming with some unique design. According to the folks at LetsgoDigital, Sony has registered a new patent that shows an Xperia with an extended pop-up mechanism, that occupies the entire top of the smartphone.

This solution is used to accommodate the device’s front camera and a speaker. See the sketches below:

The unique thing about this is that there is a pop-up mechanism to the bottom. In this case, we would have a front speaker, something that can be considered quite “exotic”. The patent application was filed in 2018 and it was only granted to Sony in April this year. The outline above is also included in the documentation released by the World Patent Office (WIPO).

Apparently, if it existed in the real world, that smartphone would have the stereo system as its biggest highlight. In addition, the patent indicates that the user could also control which part can be triggered.

For now, Sony has not commented on the matter. Anyway, as we are talking about a patent, this idea can end up being shelved.


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