PUBG Mobile Season 13 Arrives With “Toy Playground” Theme, New Gear Skins & More

PUBG Mobile Season 13

PUBG Mobile season 13 rolling out now and in the game players get a new theme, new characters and the player can become a Ranger Warrior. Players who unlock the Season 13 Royale Pass and reach level 50 can choose to become an Ice or Fire Ranger and receive the Rank 100 Ultra Defender Set set.

In addition to the new characters, the update also brings combat armor, rewards within the new theme, and new challenges, new gear skins, outfits, and more. Among the clothes present in Season 13 is the Puppet Agent outfit, which is an undercover agent outfit that can be combined and customized freely.

Upon reaching the maximum level the player will be able to upgrade the costume to the Mythic rarity.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13 Comes With:

  • Improvements in notifications: all mission reminders on the results page have been improved, making it easier to track your progress;
  • Improvements and fixes: new tutorial guides have been included and bugs fixed.
  • The news for PUBG Mobile does not stop there.¬†Soon the free battle royale for mobile phones will receive new functions, such as the Jungle Adventure Guide and Bluehoje Mode on EvoGround.

PUBG Mobile team is hosting a special 24-hours live stream of the Sandstorm to showcase how Miramar map looks like on the official YouTube channel. The new Miramar map was part of the PUBG Mobile’s 0.18.0 content update.


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