Geeky gadget gifts for the holiday season

Geeky gadget gifts for the holiday season

Geeky gadget gifts for the holiday season

Holidays are associated with a lot of genuine sharing. Close friends and next of kin expect giftsas a routine. You can buy advanced gadgets for friends you cherish. Visit Term Paper Easy to get your college friends a great gift of a term paper. Most of the developed gadgets are readily available and affordable. With advanced technology, most gadgets are made with a lot of complexity and highly functional. They can serve different functions simultaneously.

 Gadgets to buy to friends and next of kin

Hydra smart bottle

Hydra smart bottle is one of the most complex home appliances. It is a combination of many household appliances. It can serve as a charger, speakerphone, microphone as well as LED light. Amazingly, it can also be used as a jug to store water. The device is relatively cheap and readily available. It can help a friend in need.

Personal planetarium

There are many types of planetariums. When buying a planetarium, consider how it projects celestial bodies. It should have a noticeable projection quality. The personal planetarium provides information about planets as you watch the sky. It is a nice gadget to make fun of leisure time. Make fun as you get more information about the planets. Personal planetariums are relatively cheap compared to other planetariums.

Nixon mission smartwatch

It is an intensive technology application. Nixon’s mission smartwatch serves for quite a long time! It has very high resistance capacities to water and snow. Just like many smartphones, it is powered by Android Wear. It can, therefore, support gestures control and voice search.

 Kano computer kit

It would be very promising when you get entertained during vocations as you gain more and more knowledge at some point. Kano computer kit is a user-friendly computerized kit which is mostly used by children to learn computer skills. The gadget can also be used to learn how to program. It guides a lot about the coding of applications.

 Spire mindfulness and activity tracker

Buy spire mindfulness and activity tracker to examine the state of breathing. The device also provides reliable feedback after examining your breathing. It can be compatible with android-powered applications. Enjoy your calm days with spire mindfulness and activity tracker guidance. It’s a relatively cheap device. It only costs approximately $100.


Picobrewzymatic is a beer brewing device. You can comfortably brew beer at your home. It involves simple procedures to brew beer using picobrewzymatic. Get refreshments at your home place by brewing the beer you can trust.

 TrackR Bravo.

Don’t be worried about losing the things you relish. TrackR Bravo ensures that you get them back. It uses a trackR application. You just need to click a button in the application, and it will ring and simply get your item. It is well designed with a ring to fix your keys, phone, or pet. It is also very small and thin in size. It’s a nice gift to give a friend.

Game golf digital shot tracking system

With the efficiency required in a golf game, it is now easy to track your golf game using the game golf digital shot tracking system. Improve your game instantly by knowing your distances well.

 AIO robotics all in one 3D printer.                               

AIO robotics all in one 3D printer is highly computerized to support 3Dprinting. It also supports 3D scanning and many users. The AIO robotics all in one 3D printer does not require a specified skill to use. It is amongst the best gifts to buy for a friend. It is moderately expensive but serves very well.


Cozmo is a toy robot with high artificial intelligence. It has a recommendable personality. It can be used to entertain and play. It is very cheap. Never be bored anymore, buy one, and you will have a blissful future.


There are many simple and cheap devices which you can use to learn new skills as well as making fun. Most of them are cheap and readily available. They do not need the skills to use them. Buy a geeky item for your friends during the holidays. Make then have nice holidays of pleasure and learning.


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