No Man’s Sky Supports Cross-Play Now

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky has become a very good example of how the development of a game should progress to make become a success. The game included a series of features at launch that offered the players the possibility of exploring different ecosystems through a variety of planets created by a procedural generation system, but it has changed quite a lot since it was launched.

Developer Hello Games has been working quite hard to add plenty of new features to the game, and now No Man’s Sky is quite a more complex game than it was in 2016. Other than exploration mechanics, the game also allows you to fight and trade with other players as you explore a vast open world.

Now, you can gather resources to build a wide range of facilities and items that will help you on your travels through the universe and the number of things that you can do in the game has been increased exponentially.

Hello Games has achieved all that by releasing quite a few updates for No Man’s Sky, and the studio has managed to gain the trust of the players by delivering a constant stream of features that have improved a lot the game experience.┬áThe addition of VR support also opened the door to a new way of discovering No Man’s Sky, but the most significant addition to the game is probably the option of multiplayer.

The possibility of interacting with other players has been the key to the success of No Man’s Sky, and although the game was criticized for not having it at launch, Hello Games delivered it just in time. Like many other games, you can buy No Man’s Sky cheap by visiting anytime.

One of the most interesting things about the growth of No Man’s Sky is that it has managed to become what it is right now without the need of having microtransactions, paid expansions, or anything like that.

Every bit of content added to the game after launch has come in the form of free updates, and that is exactly what it has happened with the latest patch for No Man’s Sky, which has just been released. Along with some bug fixes and quality of life improvements, the latest No Man’s Sky update adds cross-platform multiplayer to the game, and it will make its universe more alive than ever.

If you want to experience what space exploration is, No Man’s Sky is one of the best opportunities to do so and Hello Games continues to work to make it even better so you never know what surprises they could add to the game.


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