Xbox (Beta) App for PC Gets Support for Mods

XBOX series X

This week we saw that some images leaked that indicated the Xbox store for the new generation can get a revamped look. This is in line with the trend that Microsoft is following to make its applications and platforms look more minimalist and more fluid. The company has already followed these steps with the photo app, One Drive, and Microsoft Office.

The feature that the company presents now is related to the Xbox Store for PC. In its latest released beta, the company officially allows the installation of game mods directly from the platform.

So far, only the game Into the Breach, from Subset Games, has this possibility, however, it is the first step for new games to gain this possibility in the future.

It is worth mentioning that the official installation of Mods through the Xbox Store for each game, at least for Into the Breach, for now, is optional and will ask the user to accept the service. After choosing to activate the mods, the platform will display warnings that the installation of the modified content is done at the player’s own risk. Likewise, another notification will alert the user that “Xbox Live features may not work on modified games”.

It is important to note that updates made to applications can interrupt support for mods, so it is essential that the user backs up files and saves, especially for users who frequently test new mods or have problems with cloud storage.

While Into the Breach is only the first game to have support, new games may also be on the list soon.


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