Compatible Games From Previous Generations on Xbox Series X Will Achieve High Frame Rates

Xbox Series X

Microsoft is getting closer to providing new information about the Xbox line to the world, as it confirmed an event to be held focusing on the new Xbox Series X console in August. However, it seems that it will not be only the new generation video game that will have relevance in this ad.

Recently Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, confirmed that he is very excited about what is to come next month in relation to the launches to be carried out with a focus on showing the news of the new console, as well as on the future of the line of video games as a whole.

Phil said he was “encouraged to be able to talk more” about Xbox Series X’s backward compatibility features, adding that, “I think in August we will have more to say on that.”

The information was shared by him through an interview in the form of a podcast to the American technology channel iJustine. In addition to speaking the date for the new event focused on the Xbox line, Phil also spoke about the settings of the new consoles.

According to him, the Xbox Series X will be compatible with other games developed for previous generations, focusing on giving players a “financially healthy upgrade”, where several titles can continue to be played smoothly in the latest generation of video games.


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