Crysis Remastered Postponed for All Platforms

Crysis Remastered

The Crysis Remastered game is now postponed by the developers. According to the company, the main objective is to offer improved graphics quality to the fans of the title. The game was originally released in 2007 and the new version will arrive on all platforms later this year.

Recently the FPS had already leaked through images and the trailer, giving the public a sense of the work done to make the game visually consistent with the current moment of the gaming market, but in reality, it was far from what expectations had generated.

Taking this into account, the game has undergone a small delay for adjustments, something that will not influence the pre-sale period for Nintendo Switch but will prevent it from being seen anytime soon on other platforms, as it has not yet had been made available for purchase.

The note was posted on the game’s official Twitter page, showing how important player feedback is to ensure that the company is delivering the title in an expected manner.

As you know, Crysis Remastered will be coming into the world this year – and at the same time, the Crysis IP will debut on Nintendo Switch. Your passion for the Crysis franchise deserves an undeniable high-quality game and we are committed to delivering just that. To ensure that we meet that commitment, we will need to delay the launch date (on all platforms) and trailer premiere by a few weeks. Because they already started, pre-orders for Switch will stay open. The features you’re looking forward to are already set, but we want to take the time on polishing the game. You might be aware of the leak yesterday, and we want you to know: we’ve seen all the reactions – the good and the bad – and we’re listening. We’re still working on a number of things in-game, as well as the storefront. Please keep the love coming and rest assured, you’ll have the game you love shortly. This extra time will allow us to get Crysis Remastered up to the PC – and console-breaking standard you’ve come to expect from Crysis games. We hope you understand what we’re up to – and that you stay with us while we take the time to make a few more improvements. Stay tuned, and we’ll have that game in your hands as soon as we possibly can.

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