Fortnite Now Gets Captain America’s Skin

Captain America skin on Fortnite

With the arrival of Chapter 2 of Fortnite Season 3, Epic Games introduced the Aquaman skin to the game. Now the developer has just presented another hero skin, and now one from Marvel! Captain America skin is now available in the Fortnite’s Item Shop and includes two items: the Pickaxe and the Proto-Adamantium Shield Back Accessory as described by Fortnite’s own announcement announcing the feature. “Wield the shield as your pick or display it proudly on your back.”

Epic Games said, “Assemble in Fortnite this week and get The First Avenger… Captain America! Debuting today in the Item Shop, Cap’s Outfit includes two items: his Proto-Adamantium Pickaxe and Back Bling. Wield the shield as your Pickaxe, or display it proudly on your back.”

In addition, the Captain America skin arrives with a new Presta Continência Gesture, where the hero stands with his arms at his side, looking up and with fireworks exploding in the background.


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