GOG Galaxy 2.0 Update Brings Integration to the Epic Games Store


Launched in June last year as a closed beta, the GOG Galaxy 2.0 brought as its main feature the possibility of bringing together its game libraries from different platforms in one place. Supported services included Steam, Origin, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live, but interestingly only the Microsoft network was leftover to be integrated.

That changes today with the latest GOG client update, which officially integrates with the Epic Games Store. With it, several resources can be used from a single place, including installation and access to games, gameplay history, leaderboards, and more. The company announced that it also plans to add other features in the future, including the ability to see friends’ online status.

In view of the launch of the novelty, Steve Allison, general manager of the Epic Games Store, reported that the company is excited about the integration. According to him, this “is an important step towards breaking barriers between PC stores, considering that this allows players to have a unified experience to manage their games regardless of where they were purchased”.

The official integration with the Epic Games Store is now available, just open the GOG Galaxy 2.0 and download versions for Windows and macOS.


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