YouTube Music Now Integrated Into the YouTube App for Android TV

YouTube Music on Android TV

Google is speeding up to shut down Play Music and switch all users to YouTube Music and now also added first support for the YouTube app on Android TV. A change on the server-side of the YouTube app on Android TV introduces a new tab dedicated to YouTube Music in the menu on the left with the typical sections such as “Your likes”, “Your mix”, recommended stations, music playlists, those recommended and others, albeit with some shortcomings compared to the Web and Android versions.

Currently, the only noteworthy feature is instant playback that starts automatically when a mix, playlist or station is highlighted, plus some users have reported that HDR seems to work on multiple Android TV devices with this update.

In fact, YouTube Music for Android TV lacks many features such as background playback, rearrangement and repetition of music, audio/video switching, playlist management, synchronized text, full access to the library and loaded music or transferred from Google Play Music.

To check if YouTube Music is present on Android TV it is necessary to use the latest version of the YouTube app for Android TV. However, it is clear that this is a first draft available for a few users and several missing features may arrive soon with more updates.


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