Asus ROG Phone 2 Starts Receiving Android 11 Update

Asus released the Android 11 Beta testing program to Asus ROG Phone 2 smartphone gamer users in mid-September. The brand is known for being slow to provide updates. But finally, while Android 12 is already arriving on some phones, the stable version of Android 11 is being made available for the ROG Phone 2.

The Android 11 update has not been officially announced on the Asus website in English, but the changelog is live on the company’s Chinese website. The update is identified by the code 18.0210.2111.160 and includes everything new in Android 11, including a conversations section for notifications, a built-in screen recorder, new app APIs, and privacy improvements.

The update also brings a new design to the ROG UI, presumably the same one you find on ROG Phone 3 (after its Android 11 update) and ROG Phone 5.

Asus ROG Phone 2 Android 11 Update Changelog

【System Optimization】

  1. Upgrade system to Android 11
  2. Some third-party software is not yet compatible with Android 11
  3. Please backup your data before upgrading. If you want to downgrade from Android 11 to Android 10, you can use the official software package, but all data will be erased
  4. Import the new ROG UI interface design
  5. Update Armoury Crate, game wizard, smart housekeeper, contact, phone, file management, computer, clock, picture library, weather, recording program, settings, one-key switch, local backup, boot wizard, system update, and other applications
  6. Support one-time permissions, improved file access permission control, automatic reset permissions, and other privacy functions
  7. Supports maintaining Bluetooth connection when the flying mode is turned on
  8. Adjusted to the Android 11 notification bar style, support for displaying notifications of ongoing conversations
  9. The classic style of the power button menu supports Android 11 device control and Google Pay
  10. Update the automatic switching system color matching, return to the advanced options of gestures, SIM card, and other setting functions. Replaced with the latest one-handed design
  11. Notification settings Added notification records and dialog settings
  12. The power control function of the smart housekeeper is integrated into the battery setting
  13. Adjust the quick setting panel interface. Support media control function. Add nearby sharing option
  14. On the recent apps page, long-press the app icon above the task card to add options such as lock apps, screenshots, and sharing
  15. Computer adjusted design to the latest native style
  16. Added the option to display blocked calls in the call log settings of the phone
  17. Fine-tune the size of the status bar icon to maintain display consistency
  18. Clock add date setting alarm, group alarm function
  19. Picture library supports new editing page
  20. Update the conversion data of the one-key switch with the default check logic
  21. Adjust the related pages of the boot wizard
  22. System update setting adjustment and update logic

Download Android 11 Update on ROG Phone 2

If you don’t want to wait for the update to reach you, click the link below to download the OTA.

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