BlueStacks X Mobile Game Modding Brings Creator Studio & Creator Hub

BlueStacks announced its newest platform for modifying and sharing mobile games. Known as “Creator Studio & Creator Hub”, under the BlueStacks X Mobile Game Modding. The feature seeks to make the experience even more personalized in games.

According to the company, games for smartphones developed in the Unity, Cocos, and Unreal engines can be easily modified so that each user can create their own “version” of the game.

“We want to introduce our newest awesome project for BlueStacks X, the Mobile Game Modding (MGM) platform. It introduces Creator Studio, which lets you mod your favorite mobile games with unique visual effects, filters, and even new 2D and 3D textures, all of which can even be wholly user-created. And through the Creator Hub, you can not only browse other users’ creations but also upload and share your own so that other gamers can enjoy your unique mods.”

BlueStacks Team

The company claims that it is possible to make modifications at three levels:

  • Basic: Lets users alter the color of their games by adding filters, similar to the ones in apps like Instagram.
  • Intermediate: Allows users to change the visual effects for certain in-game events such as victory screens, defeat screens, gacha screens, and more.
  • Advanced: While it won’t be available at launch, this feature will let users modify the entire 2D and 3D textures of their games.

These modifications are provided by’s NFG technology, as it is possible to separate game code from arts or events.

“By 2025, most mobile gamers will play their games with mods. Imagine searching for a game and finding custom versions with mods from your favorite players, streamers, and fans. Making mobile game modding globally accessible opens up endless possibilities for gamers and creators, changing the way we build, share and experience mobile games forever.”

Rosen Sharma, CEO and founder of BlueStacks

According to BlueStacks, mobile game modding is now available for free to all users starting today. If you want to know the platform, just access the official website.

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