Crysis 4 is Arriving Soon, Trailer Released

Crytek today confirmed that the Crysis 4 is coming. The company also released a very cryptic teaser, which shows only nanotechnology particles forming the number 4. They haven’t disclosed much information but they revealed that they will release more details as the development progresses.

“We are so pleased and excited to bring this news to you, and we really can’t wait to reveal more details about what lies ahead. Right now the game is in the early stages of development so it will be a while yet, but we wanted to bring you the news at this time as we are so hyped for the future, and to let you know that we will be listening to our community.”

Avni Yerli, Crytek CEO

Check out the Crysis 4 Teaser

It is worth remembering that graphics have always been a controversial point in previous games in the franchise, as they required extremely powerful machines to run acceptably. Will Crytek continue along these lines or will it release a more “accessible” game?

For now, there’s no word yet on what platforms the game will be available on or when it will be arriving. So stay tuned here on TC for further updates.

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