Eresys is Set for Release on Steam on April 20

Eresys, a 4-player co-op game inspired by Lovecraft’s work, is set to be released on Steam on April 20th, as announced by Dragonis Games. Smart AI and horrifying entities challenge players. Uncover secrets and trigger unexpected events to uncover mouth-dropping mysteries. Face multiple enemies with unique mechanics emerging from the Void Portal.


  • Dynamic Sound System: Players’ actions affect the noise they make, increasing their risk of attracting monsters. Stealthy movements, such as walking and crouching, result in less noise while running, jumping, and speaking loudly increase the noise levels.
  • Light and Protection: Players can pick up lanterns that emit intense light, which can be used to burn enemies or protect teammates. However, holding down the left mouse pad will burn the oil faster, and players must keep an eye on the number of sparks to determine the amount of remaining oil.
  • Vials and Blood Offerings: Players can collect vials and gather blood from corpses to make offerings at altars. The altars reward players with blood spheres needed to complete the final ritual.
  • The Necronomicon: One player can carry the Necronomicon, which has 34 missing pages. The book glows when near a missing page and displays the number of pages collected. The keeper of the book can also cast secret events.
  • Collectibles and Cursed Items: Collectible items can be displayed in the player’s library and some may be cursed, triggering unexpected events.
  • Varied Enemies: Players face a range of enemies, including the main entity and other minions that serve their own purposes. As players progress, more enemies spawn, and some may even work together to devour the players.
  • Resurrections: If players die, their teammates can pick up their head and place it on a wax figure to bring them back.
  • Stealth Mechanics: Players can crouch and hide behind objects to avoid detection.
  • Secrets and Surprises: Discover hidden objects for added mystery and excitement.
  • Multiple Endings: The game offers different endings based on player choices and actions.

Eresys Official Release Trailer

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