Funding, Hiring and Expansion at Sapio Analytics, Valued at 20 million USD

Sapio Analytics, a government advisory firm, positioned as an A.I. enabled shadow government support system, with products spread across law enforcement and intelligence, healthcare, urban administration, rural administrative, and comprehensive economic growth platforms for developing countries, is setting up its expansion in 12 more countries with the help of key leadership hiring.

Currently, with offices in the UK, USA, and India, Sapio Analytics functions through its various subsidiaries, covering all departments of governments. With the Government of India, Government of Uttar Pradesh, and Government of Telangana counted amongst its major clients, it is now focused on developing countries of the world, including Guyana, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Laos, and others.

It has announced undisclosed funding received from its new appointments in key leadership positions, to execute the expansion. Ajay Pancholi, a serial entrepreneur and a veteran events management professional with multinational businesses, has joined Sapio Analytics as its Managing Director (Global), responsible for global strategies of the company, and setting up its presence in Central Asia, North America, and parts of Middle East. Pancholi is previously known for large-scale events and global deals conducted by his numerous companies.

In addition to Pancholi, Sapio Analytics has also announced the appointment of Balkrishna Choolun, founder-chairman of UITV and Director of Ajanta HC, as its Managing Director (Overseas), with a focus on expansion in South America and the Middle East. London-based Choolun has previously been a special advisor to numerous media and entertainment companies across the world and closely works with political, social, cultural, and charitable organizations in Guyana, Suriname, Mauritius, UAE, and the UK.

“Our last fair market value was 20 million USD, and the current investments from selected key professionals have been made at this value. We hope to increase the valuation to 100 million USD in the next few months and have plans to raise 15 million USD from selected investors only. We are currently building our product pipeline and setting up our offices globally while doing pro bono work for governments in the fight against COVID-19. A large part of our workforce is currently working pro bono to defeat COVID-19, and we hope to execute our expansion plans soon after the COVID-19 fight subsides”, says Hardik Somani, co-founder, and COO of Sapio Analytics.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Ashwin Srivastava, Shripal Jain, and Viral Vora, along with Somani, it has recently appointed ex-civil services officer Prashant Nikam as its Chairman. Nikam has previously been the Director of Police at the Ministry of External Affairs and took voluntary retirement to join the company.

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