GameSir X3 Controller Comes With New Cooling System and RGB Lights

GameSir has launched its new mobile game controller, GameSir X3 Controller. Succeeding the GameSir X2, the joystick brings great innovations in its design and promises to make gaming more fluid by debuting a new active cooling system.

GameSir X3 Controller Design and Features

The X3 has a similar look and feel to the predecessor generation, but is now built entirely around a cooling platform with active ventilation. The cooler works through a USB-C cable, preventing the user from draining the cell phone’s battery to keep the hardware running without heating problems.

This controller has a design that looks like it’s based on the F8 Pro Snowgon, a stand with an integrated fan whose only function was to reduce the sweat on users’ hands. GameSir X3 also adds traditional RGB LED lighting to the cooler.

Highly customizable, the controller allows the user to rearrange the “ABXY” (Xbox default) buttons to BAYX, bringing more familiarity to Nintendo Switch fans. These keys — including the directional and analog buttons — are magnetically attached to the joystick, so they’re easily removable.

The device is paired to the smartphone via a USB-C connection, ensuring lower command latency, but reducing its versatility compared to the GameSir X2 with Bluetooth, which is also compatible with the iPhone.

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