Google Releases Android 13 Go Edition

Google has launched the Android 13 Go Edition seeking to reach owners of entry-level smartphones. As with previous generations, this one also forgoes some features and functions of the main software in order to promote better performance on cheaper devices.

In a post made on the Google blog, the developer explains that Android 13 Go Edition brings updates through Google Play, ensuring that the main firmware tools will be improved periodically, especially in critical updates — such as bugs or security breaches, for example — without compromising the internal storage.

When we introduced Android (Go edition) five years ago, we tailored our core mobile platform to power affordable phones with limited memory and storage. This need is just as pertinent today, with nearly 180 million people coming online in the last twelve months alone. As we announce the release of Android 13 (Go edition), we’re marking a milestone, too: there are now over 250 million monthly active devices powered by Android Go.

Going forward, the company also reinforces the presence of Discover by allowing you to swipe straight from the home screen to see a curated list of articles and other content recommended by Google. A function that has been available for a long time in the system and that will also be present in the latest edition.

One of the highlights of the new version is the Material You mode, a novelty announced in Android 12, increasing the customization of the phone’s interface based on the color palette of the home screen wallpaper. This is the first time this feature has been implemented in the Go Edition of Android.

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