GTA Online Update Brings Ray Tracing on Consoles

Rockstar Games announced a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online. The latest GTA Online update promises to add several technical improvements and changes to the game’s economy and vehicle system. According to the developer, the next GTA Online update will add ray-traced reflections on various surfaces in the “Fidelity” graphics settings for the next generation of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The studio has also promised that iFruit’s favorite contacts will be accessible more quickly and Agatha’s Casino Story Missions will be available for solo play. Currently, they require at least 2 players.

On the vehicle side, Rockstar announced that new purchases will arrive in players’ garages faster. Custom armored models will be usable in races and bikes can be requested by calling the Mechanic.

In the game’s economy, vehicle sale missions in public sessions will grant a high-demand bonus, and payouts on smugglers’ sell missions to players will be permanently tripled.

Also according to the developer, all Shark Cards have been increased by 20 or 25% when purchased directly from GTA Online or any of the platform’s stores. For GTA+ members, this is on top of the current 15% GTA$ bonus.

GTA Online’s December update will be part of a “massive multi-part update”, according to Rockstar. The release date has not yet been confirmed, but the aforementioned improvements should arrive closer to the end of this month.

Finally, due to the success of the recently released Heist Challenge with players, Rockstar will also be giving away the Declasse Tahoma Coupe car to all GTA Online players for a limited time at the end of December.

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