Hermès Leather AirPods Pro Case and Lanyard Announced

Are you looking for a luxury Apple AirPods Pro Case, then this news is for you. Hermès, the renowned French luxury brand, has unveiled a delightful range of accessories designed exclusively for Apple’s AirPods Pro. This exquisite collection includes a leather case and a lanyard, meticulously crafted from top-tier materials and adorned with the brand’s iconic design.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the leather case is available in five captivating colors: Gold, Navy Blue, Cricket Green, Azalea Pink, and Linen Blue. Constructed from Swift calf leather, it embodies the unmistakable Hermès style. The case envelops the entire AirPods Pro case, providing comprehensive protection while offering cutouts for the Lightning port and LED charging indicator.

The accompanying lanyard, also fashioned from luxurious Swift calf leather, mirrors the case’s color options. It showcases a robust metal ring that securely attaches to the AirPods Pro case, accompanied by a long and adjustable strap. This versatile strap can be elegantly draped around the neck or gracefully slung over the shoulder, adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

The Hermès AirPods Pro case and lanyard combine style and opulence, serving as the epitome of luxury for safeguarding your wireless earbuds. These remarkable accessories are currently available at Hermès boutiques and select retailers, allowing you to embrace the harmonious blend of functionality and elegance that Hermès is celebrated for.

Hermès AirPods Pro Case Pricing and Availability


The Hermès AirPods Pro case costs $930. The Hermès AirPods Pro lanyard costs $335.


The Hermès AirPods Pro case and lanyard are available now online and from Hermès boutiques and select retailers.

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