Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Coming to iOS, PS5 and PS4

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is a new mixed-reality game announced for iOS, PS5, and PS4. It is a game from Velan Studios which has partnered with Mattel for a new mixed-reality racing game. The new racing game in the Hot Wheels franchise features the Chameleon RC car, which transforms into over 140 vehicle variations including Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, Mach Speeder, Gotta Go, and more.

The two available editions of the game support iOS or PlayStation, as indicated by the game’s box art. They support co-op mode, including up to four players with Chameleon RC cars in the same room.

The Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Standard Edition is $129.99 and includes the Chameleon RC car, mixed reality portals, and a charging cable. The $149.99 Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Collector’s Edition includes a limited edition Chameleon RC car, standard edition content, a special Hot Wheels car, and an unlockable car. We still don’t know what the price of the game will be here or when it will be released.

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