How to Access iCloud on Android Phone – 3 Ways

Many people use their iPhone as a storage device to hold pictures, videos, and other important documents and are disappointed to find that there is no iCloud app on their Android phone. Luckily, there are several ways to access your iCloud account on your Android phone, even if you don’t have the full-fledged iCloud app installed on it.

Follow this guide to learn about three of the most popular ways to access iCloud from your Android phone, no matter what type of Android smartphone you have or which operating system it runs.

1) Use your iCloud account on your Android phone

One of them is by using a cloud storage app. There are many different ways you can access your iCloud account with an Android phone. One of these ways is by using an app; any app that allows you to use a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, will work with your iCloud account. While Apple has not created one specifically for their use, there are many apps out there that will allow you access.

2) Download all data from iCloud

If you have several devices that have backed up to iCloud, you can download all of your data from any of those devices. To do so, go into Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, and toggle off iPhone Backup (or iPad or whichever device).

This will download everything from that device—all apps, text messages, contacts, etc.—and put it in a folder labeled Backups. It’s just a copy of what was on your phone at that point in time (not necessarily up-to-date), but if something goes wrong with your phone you’ll be able to restore everything using iTunes.

3) Sync iCloud with Google Drive

One way you can access your iCloud photos and documents from your Android phone is by using Google Drive. Sign into your Drive account and you’ll be able to view all of your Google Drive files, including those saved in your My Drive folder.

In addition to syncing photos and documents, if you use Gmail or another G-suite app, you can also sync calendars with Google drive. For example, if I want my Android device calendar synced with my iCloud calendar, I would need my phone connected to WiFi because these calendars are stored in my My Calendar folder within G-suite.

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