How to Change Your Name in Fortnite

A few days back, we shared the cool Fortnite names you can use. Now, we start our route learning to change the name in Fortnite or choose new names for ‘Fornite’, in case the one you have doesn’t convince you.

Rename Fortnite Name on PC

  • First of all, we must log into Epic Games, either from the web or from your desktop application.
  • Right after, we will log in, and enter the necessary data. That is, email and password.
  • We will receive a two-step verification code, a security system to validate that we are the legitimate users of that account.
  • As soon as you log in, in the upper right corner we will see the option “Account”. We click.
  • Now we will come to the user screen, with the personal information. We go to the section where it indicates “Personal Data”.
  • From the previous section, we go to where it says «NAME ON SCREEN». This is where we must enter the name.
  • When we have done it, we confirm by saving this new change and we exit the “Account” screen.

Rename on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

There are those who believe that it is impossible to change the name in your console account. However, you can do this by modifying the name of your user account.

On PlayStation, this step has a cost of € 4.99 if it is your second time and you are a PlayStation Plus user, and € 9.99 for each subsequent change. To carry it out, you must follow these steps:

  • Within the console menu, we go up to “Settings”, the penultimate icon on the top bar.
  • Once inside we go down to “Account Administration“. We accept.
  • We choose the option “Account Information” and give X again.
  • Now we must enter “Profile” and then go to “Online identification”. This is our ID.
  • Once inside we enter our usual ID and choose the new user, with whom we want to meet in public.
  • We accept the new option, validate the change and leave.

On Xbox, the step is similar, in addition to being completely free, with the difference that instead of being called PS ID it is called “Gamertag”. To modify our Gamertag we must follow this route:

  • We enter the configuration options of the console or within We can also choose to download the app or continue from the web.
  • In any case, we log in by entering our associated email and password.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, we click on our gamer image.
  • Now we just have to go to “Customize” and choose the option ” Change Gamertag “
  • Inside the box, we enter the name, accept and wait for the availability check. If it is available, it will appear in green and we can keep it.
  • Click on “Update” and our Gamertag will have already been correctly modified.

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