Intel Arc Pro GPUs Unveiled With Built-in Ray Tracing, Machine Learning and More

Intel has announced the Intel Arc Pro GPUs, its new line of graphics cards dedicated to workstations. The hardware is optimized for professional graphics applications such as AI creations and tasks in Adobe Premiere Pro. In all, three models were presented: Arc Pro A40, Arc Pro A50, and Arc Pro A30M.

All graphics cards perform hardware-level ray tracing operations and natively support AV1, allowing users to extract the highest efficiencies from video encoding in applications such as Blender and DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Arc Pro is a line that extends the Arc Graphics brand portfolio, which also covers Intel gaming GPUs. The latest — and only — release in the series for desktops is the Arc A380, an entry-level graphics card with 6GB of VRAM. The Intel Arc Pro A-series includes Arc Pro A50, A40, and Arc Pro A30M.

Arc Pro A50 and A40

Starting with the most advanced model in the series, the Arc Pro A50 is equipped with 8 ray tracing cores that deliver performance rated at up to 4.8 TFLOPs. This video card works with 6 GB of video memory with GDDR6 modules. The reference design has a two-slot form factor and operates at 75 watts.

The Arc Pro A40 is a more compact alternative dedicated to smaller form factor workstations without giving up the memory capacity and core count of the Arc Pro A50. For this, the power consumption is reduced to just 50 watts, so its performance is rated at 3.50 TFLOPs.

Both support up to four external displays connected via Mini DisplayPort 1.4. The configurations mentioned by the “blue team” include two 8K monitors @ 60 Hz, one 5K monitor @ 240 Hz, two 5K monitors @ 120 Hz, and four 4K monitors @ 60 Hz.

Arc Pro A30M

The Arc Pro A30M is designed for professional notebooks with the same ray tracing core count but reduces its memory capacity to just 4GB. This model is capable of operating with powers from 35 to 50 watts, depending on the partner manufacturer’s settings. Its performance is rated at 3.50 TFLOPs.

Intel Arc Pro Pricing and Availability

There is still no information on the price, debut date, or name of the first brands that will use this hardware in workstations. But, Intel says that the graphics cards will arrive later this year through “leading partners in the desktop and portable market”.

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