Klaus Lee – Thunderballs Arriving This Autumn on Switch and PC

The 2D action platformer, Klaus Lee – Thunderballs, is set to release on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Mac via Steam later this year. Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer NUKKLEAR are thrilled to introduce players to Klaus Lee, the game’s protagonist who strives to become the world’s most impressive hero in this stunning platformer.

As Klaus Lee, players will venture into virtual worlds, from underground caverns to buried civilizations, filled with neon-hued ’80s-inspired visuals and humorous content. Klaus Lee was once a Beverly Hills cop, a private investigator, a Hollywood stuntman who taught Chuck Norris how to walk, and Gene Simmons how to rock, and even dated all of Charlie’s Angels at once.

He’s a man who’s done it all, including teaching Maverick how to fly. However, even the most interesting men can succumb to ’80s technology, which is how Klaus Lee ended up being sucked into his TV screen and trapped in a video game.

Klaus Lee – Thunderballs Features:

  • Where’d I Put My Moustache Oil? Join the mustachioed hero Klaus Lee through a classically crafted story of humor and fun where the 80s cliches know no bounds.
  • Prepare For Take Off Strap on your old school, high-power jetpack to travel through over 100 unique, brain-bending levels, then, power your way through levels created by fellow Klaus Lee superfans.
  • Spikes & Bats & Bugs, Oh My! Deadly traps and vile beasts of all sizes ensure this adventure platformer is never short on action. Dodge nasty insects, temple traps, and other hazards where every level is a puzzle to be solved!
  • Games Couldn’t Do This Back In My Day Enjoy cross-platform functionality to see what everyone, everywhere is up to and creating in the wonderful world of Klaus Lee.   

Klaus Lee – Thunderballs Announcement Trailer

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