Latest Racing Simulator DRIFTCE Now Available

Experience the Thrilling World of DRIFTCE: A Cutting-Edge Drift Racing Simulator released by 505 Games and ECC Games S.A. Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled realm of drift racing with the highly anticipated release of DRIFTCE. Esteemed global video game publisher 505 Games has joined forces with ECC Games S.A., renowned for their acclaimed titles like Car Mechanic Simulator, GearShift, and more, to bring you this brand-new, immersive gaming experience.

Take control of 12 meticulously crafted, officially licensed drift cars that represent the pinnacle of automotive excellence. From the iconic Toyota AE86 and the dynamic Mazda MX5 to the powerful BMW E46 M3, each vehicle offers a unique driving experience. Conquer over a dozen intricately designed tracks, meticulously recreated using Laserscan technology. Discover the exciting new Mount Haruna track while revisiting beloved circuits from the thrilling DRIFT21.

Unleash your inner gearhead with a staggering selection of 1800 replaceable components. Fine-tune every aspect of your vehicle, from engines and suspensions to wheels, to cater to your specific driving preferences. Showcase your personal style by customizing your car’s body kit, selecting vibrant paint colors, and applying eye-catching decals, ensuring your ride stands out as a true masterpiece.

Leave your rivals in awe as you dominate the competition across a variety of game modes. Engage in a captivating single-player journey through the Career mode, or challenge friends and other drift enthusiasts in exhilarating online multiplayer modes.

Whether you prefer the quick intensity of Quick Race, the limitless possibilities of Sandbox mode, the freedom of Free Ride, the precision of Solo Run, the race against the clock in Time Attack, or the intricate skill required in Gymkhana, DRIFTCE offers an array of thrilling experiences to satisfy your racing cravings.

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled drift racing adventure with DRIFTCE, where precision, customization, and high-speed thrills await. Get ready to ignite the streets and leave your mark in the world of competitive drift racing.

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