Minecraft Java Edition 1.19.1 Stable Version Released

After the pre-released version, Mojang Studios started releasing the stable version of the game, Minecraft Java Edition 1.19.1. In relation to other updates the game has already received, there are a handful of new features, bug fixes, and technical fixes.

The highlight goes above all to the function of reporting players — a basic mechanism that should increase the security of in-game chats. With live moderation, the feature promises to create a friendlier environment for all players, not accepting hate speech, bullying, sexual harassment, or personal threats.

Players who misbehave may be temporarily banned and will not be able to connect to multiplayer servers. The game will show a warning screen at startup if you have been suspended from the online game, as well as the reason for the suspension and its validity.

In terms of gameplay, Allays will now also be able to be duplicated after this update, making it easier for players to get more of the little blue ghosts in their worlds. They will now dance upon hearing a record playing on a jukebox, and upon receiving an Amethyst Shard while dancing, they will be duplicated.

The full changelog of Minecraft Java Edition 1.19.1 is available on the Minecraft portal, and other changes like 50+ bugs fixed, Sculk Catalysts will now lose 5 XP instead of 20 XP, and there will also be a warning when connecting to a server that doesn’t enforce chat safely.

Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” has been available for a while, so to speak, but Mojang Studios is far from done with iterations on it. With over 1 trillion views accumulated on YouTube, the game is continually evolving with new features and content.

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