Monster Hunter Stories 2 Trial Version Now Available For Nintendo Switch

Capcom announces the distribution of a trial version of the RPG “Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin for Nintendo Switch worldwide. The full version is scheduled to be released on July 9, 2021, for Switch. As you can see in the official tweet below, it started today. Approximately 2.8GB of free space is required on the Switch or microSD card to download.

In the trial version, you can enjoy the beginning of the same story as the final version. You can create your own character with Rider Edit, enjoy the story, and experience battles, weapon/armor creation, and otomon collection. There are some points to note when playing repeatedly after clearing the trial version.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Free Trial Version for Nintendo Switch – Important Notes

  • – This is a free Trial Version of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin for Nintendo Switch.
  • – You need a Nintendo account in order to access the Nintendo eShop.
  • – You will need 2.8 GB of free space on your Nintendo Switch or microSD card in order to download the Trial Version.
  • – Local and online multiplayer modes are not available in the Trial Version.
    In the full game, you can access Multiplayer after the point at which the Trial Version ends.
  • – The Trial Version features only one save data slot (the full game features three slots).
  • – The max level you can reach during the Trial Version is Level 11.
    After reaching the max level, you can continue to play but your EXP will no longer increase.
  • – The Trial Version does not feature amiibo functionality.
  • – During the Trial Version, the Connecticat located in the Headquarters will be unavailable.
  • – After completing the Trial Version, a window will appear asking if you would like to “Save your current game progress?” with the options to “Save” or “Cancel.” Please keep in mind that by selecting “Save,” you will no longer be able to use the same save data to go back and play through the Trial Version.

If you would like to continue playing the Trial Version in a pre-completed state, please play the game using the data in the autosave slot after selecting “Load Game.”

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