Not Enough Sales? Include Direct Email Marketing in Your Strategy!

Direct Email marketing is a method in which email campaigns are sent to prospective customers. In these email-based campaigns, a predetermined list of recipients...
Oake Marketing - Investing in Facebook Ads for Your Small Business

Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses

Have you ever thought about how effective the Facebook ads you see in your newsfeed are? If you didn’t it’s time to talk about...

Ubisoft Releases Q4 Results, Positive Response From 11 Games

French video game company Ubisoft officially releases its financial results for the fourth quarter, revealing the performance of some of its titles and how...
Visa payment

Fiat Chrysler and Visa Gets Into Partnership for Car Payment Solution

It's not just Ford that has future plans to link cars to the consumer industry. On Monday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Visa signed...

Nokia COO Joerg Erlemeier Stepping Down as the Company Decides to Discontinue the Chief...

Nokia has just announced its plan to discontinue the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). As a result, Joerg Erlemeier, who is currently serving...
Google acquires Fitbit

Google is Acquiring Fitbit, a Leading Wearables Brand for $ 2.1 Billion

A few days ago we talked about the negotiations going between Fitbit and Google, but today everything is officially announced. Google is acquiring Fitbit...
Spotify Acquires SoundBetter

Spotify Acquires the Music Production Platform SoundBetter

Spotify has announced the acquisition of SoundBetter, a global music and audio production. The service helps musicians in their search for professionals focused on...
Huawei Shipped 100M Smartphones

Huawei Shipped 100M Smartphones in the First Five Months of 2019

In the midst of all the controversies this year involving Huawei, the issue that lies at the end of this semester is simply, how...
Epic Games Acquires Houseparty

Epic Games Acquires Houseparty to Combat With Discord and Steam

Epic Games continues to invest heavily in its Windows gaming platform, and to show that it is not just distributing free games to users...

First Apple Retail Store in India to Debut Soon, Locations Finalized

For some years, Apple has been trying to open its official retail stores in the Indian territory. Without it, all depends on resellers to...
Asus Tablet

ASUS Gives Up the Tablet Market to Focus on Smartphones

Since 2017, when Asus launched the ZenPad 3S, the company seems to be officially abandoning this market, and this information is now confirmed. The...
D-Link Announces Partnership With Microsoft

D-Link Announces Partnership With Microsoft for Urban and Corporate Environment

The MWC 2019 is in full swing, and the technology company D-Link cannot be left out. The company announced that it will be running...