No Man’s Sky ‘Interceptor’ Update 4.2 and Trailer Released

Hello Games releases the No Man’s Sky update 4.2 known as Interceptor along with the trailer. In the No Man’s Sky version 4.2 “Interceptor” update, players are able to venture into corrupted Sentinel planets and engage in battles against a new wave of robotic guardians.

Additionally, they can seize control of the technology, commandeer the ships, collect resources, and demolish the enemy’s freighters. Apart from that, there are several bug fixes included in the update. You can check out the main points of No Man’s Sky version 4.2 “Interceptor” patch notes below:


  • Hostile Sentinel interceptor starships are now procedurally generated with a diverse range of parts.
  • Players can locate and repair a crashed Sentinel interceptor to add it to their fleet.
  • A unique repair mission has been included to guide players through the salvage process.
  • Players can discover downed interceptors through multiple ways such as destroying a Sentinel capital ship, completing a bespoke story encounter, defeating new corrupted Sentinel planetary forces, and exploring mysterious abandoned encampments.
  • Player-owned interceptors have their unique set of core technologies but can still benefit from general starship upgrades.
  • The player-owned interceptors have a distinct cockpit.
  • The player-owned interceptors have a unique planetary flight model that enables them to hover.


  • The Corrupted Sentinel drones have been updated visually.
  • They can heal each other and now make better use of cover.
  • Corrupted drones can choose from a variety of weaponry, including rapid-fire projectiles, a close-range blaster, long-distance grenades, and a flamethrower.
  • A new large, ground-based Corrupted Sentinel unit has been introduced.
  • This heavily armored, semi-arachnid machine has its own stealth mode, long-distance pounce attack, and flamethrower and grenade-based weapons.
  • They come in both large single and smaller swarm varieties, with the swarm variant being more aggressive in melee range and self-destructing at low health levels.
  • The Corrupted quadrupeds now drop a unique resource as collectible loot.


  • Some planets that previously generated extreme sentinels are now corrupted worlds.
  • Corrupted worlds have their own unique array of planetary Sentinel forces.
  • Dissonance resonators, strange extraction machines guarded by corrupted Sentinels, can be found on corrupted worlds.
  • Corrupted Sentinel planets have their own unique resources and objects, and new refiner recipes have been added for these resources.
  • Corrupted worlds have a new unique lighting/visual effect, and newly corrupted worlds that previously had superheated rainstorms have new and stranger storms.
  • The Harmonic Camp, a new building type, has been added exclusively to corrupted worlds. These abandoned encampments contain many secrets.
  • A new mission is available at the Nexus, requiring players to work together to destroy the new machinery found on corrupted worlds.
  • New player titles have been added for those brave enough to battle corrupted Sentinels.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a drop in image quality when rendering distant stars.


  • A new section called “Personal Records” has been added to the Wonders catalog.
  • This section enables players to assign any discovery of planet, creature, flora, or mineral to their own custom wonder category.
  • Each personal record is assigned a player-chosen name.
  • Personal records can be assigned directly from any of the discovery pages or within the catalog.
  • Players can overwrite existing personal records with new discoveries or discard them to create space for new categories.
For complete patch notes check out the source below.

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