NUC 11 Extreme Kit to Come With the New i9-11900KB Processor

Details about the new NUC 11 Extreme kit had already been advanced by insiders before any official announcements until Intel finally commented on the new devices during Computex 2021. With more information, a leaker revealed that these machines could integrate the Intel Core i9-11900KB, the 11th generation’s most powerful processor.

User HXL released the real image of what could be the NUC 11 Extreme Kit code-named “Beast Canyon” in an open case. In the post made on his Twitter account, you can see a chassis with a volume of just eight liters with the new platform that integrates the CPU, PCH controller, and voltage regulator (VRM).

It is still possible to notice in the image that the NUC 11 Extreme Beast Canyon offers a 16-lane PCI Express 4.0 slot to equip dedicated video cards, as well as a 4-lane slot of the same interface for the integration of other equipment, such as an additional SSD.

To handle the power of the hardware, there is a dual-slot active cooling solution similar to a graphics card. This system corroborates the rumor about the possible use of an Intel Core i9-11900KB, 8 cores/16 threads, configurable TDP of up to 65 W, and a base speed of 3.3 GHz, which can reach clocks of 5.3 GHz in mode boost.

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